mardi 12 décembre 2017

     HOW   STRANGE ...
By Lise and Jeoffrey 

Nice guy ... nice bike  

Who is the BOSS?  

Ready for fishing salmon ... 

Is this the real legend of Trolls  ????

The Serial killer of BERGEN 

Leopold likes playing in the park 

Loïc the Viking 

Still Loïc .... 

Boys are tiring ... (Lise)

mardi 19 septembre 2017

Day 8
(By Florian and Dorian)

Departure from Voss to Bergen in train

Direction : the airport in tramway

In the airport

Destination Roissy Charles de Gaulles

In the plane

Recovery of luggages  in Paris

Dinner, direction Saint-Flour

00h45: arrival in Saint-Flour and good night !

lundi 18 septembre 2017

Day 7
(By Bryan and Jeremy)

In the morning we made canoe and fishing on the lake in Voss.

In the afternoon we  hiked in the forest next to Voss : we saw a large waterfall, fjords and ravines.



Be careful ... The water is very cold in NORWAY !

 FISHING   EQUIPMENT                                                           OUR  BOATS (canoë)

Bryan is proud of his trout !!!!
Day 6
(by Léa and Célia)

We hiked to the glacier ; We measured the lichens and the distance between a frontpoint and the glacier. (142 metres)
We studied global warming.
It was sunny !

Climbing is hard ...

The lichens


The glacier

CHEESE !!!!!!!!

samedi 16 septembre 2017

( By Hugo G and Corentin )

Hiking around the lake,  plants studies in a square, climbing mountains, geology... under the rain. We saw CUTE lemmings.

Sven Erik, the Norwegian teacher

Bad weather today .... Rainy and freezing cold !

Working with Norway Students

This is a lemming!!!!!!!

lundi 11 septembre 2017

Demain matin nous partons pour Finse: pas sûr que sur le glacier on ait de la wifi... rdv jeudi  ou vendredi si possible !!! SEE YOU
                                     Day 4 
By Maxime P and Ghillian F

The hall of Voss school

The canteen where the 380 pupils and the 110 teachers have lunch

Another view of the hall

The climbing wall in the gymnasium

The gymnasium of the school. 14 olympic SKI champions came from Voss

There is a beautiful reindeer trophy in the hall

This flame maybe represents the olympic flame for the 14 champions from Voss

This high school is very huge

The teachers have space. the pupils have courses of 45 minutes and 35 hours per week.

This highschool has a lot of big and organized workshops

The pupils cook for the other pupils.

The highschool has very beautiful landscapes

 There are some garages and workshops where the pupils can work.

We saw different species of vegetables and animals of Norway

The highschool has different vehicles and machines.